Turning silence into expression

Poetry therapy with Kayla-Jane


I didn’t think people wanted to hear me speak, so I choose silence.


I was disoriented in trying to find meaning in words. I was weary, isolated, lost. Scrapping by and searching for meaning on this planet we call home.


Attending public speaking webinars didn’t help. I was always trapped in this title of being shy. I was teleported to being the quiet girl in the back of the classroom who never wanted attention, who never raised their hand, ‘I’m probably wrong’ ‘Someone else already has the right answer'.


This began to amplify in my relationships. I avoided speaking up at times when I was hurt, afraid to say what support I needed. I was ingrained to be scared to say what I really meant. ‘I don’t want to upset anyone’ ‘I’m being too emotional’.


I was having a hard time being in my body. I needed a creative outlet to express myself. I began writing again - it had been about five years since I picked up my pen and notebook.


As I filled the pages, I began to understand my identity and created a new relationship to self.

Before I could lead others into turning their silence into self-expression, I had to transform mine. I knew my life was worth living and that I was here to help people.


But that safety wouldn’t come until I transformed my voice. Not until I re-wrote the stories that kept me small.

I started attending poetry and storytelling workshops. A spark began to ignite, I wanted more. As I began to feel confident in my words, I wanted to support others on using writing to express themselves.


I am here to help you rekindle the fire of your voice. That authentic self-expression that is burning inside you, just waiting to be unleashed.

You don’t have to be alone on the journey of finding your voice.


You can create the bravery to share your voice and trust your opinions.

With poetry therapy and reflective writing we don’t only transform our expression through writing.

We re-write the narratives of our life that have us trapped in unsupportive patterns and beliefs.


I will guide you through the self-transformation of turning your words into gold.