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Whether you have always wanted to write, or already practice the craft, I believe you are worthy of the courage and confidence to share your stories.

Self-transformation begins when we use our full expression to share experiences and opinions with the world. But it's not always that easy to turn judgement and self-doubt into something poetic.

Kayla-Jane hosts online and in-person workshops that dive into various styles of reflective writing and poetry therapy to support you in using your voice with confidence.

From the cosmos to the environment, it's time to use your unique voice to create a connection.

With Word Alchemy Poetry Therapy we explore what it means to be human in the vastness of the cosmos. We explore questions and curiosities around what it means to be human, and how our feelings and experiences support our expansion.

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Poetry therapy
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I feared being judged by others for my voice, so I choose silence.


I wanted to feel safe in speaking my truth. But that safety wouldn’t come until I re-wrote the stories that kept me small.


Using writing, observing our planet and cosmos, has helped me to understand my voice and the poetic power of emotion. I am here to help you understand yours.


I will help guide you to transform your silence into expression.

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Poetry Heals, Because It Reminds Us That We Are Living.

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